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Each week includes 10 live lessons with Zoom

What's included?

CLIC International House offers Medical Spanish Online Classes for levels A2 to C2.

  • 10 lessons per week (50 minutes each)

  • Live Spanish lessons taught from the classroom

  • Level Test

  • Virtual campus

  • Certificate backed by International House and Instituto Cervantes


  • Monday to Friday

    1:30PM - 3:10PM*

    Classes start almost every week of the year.

    *Spain time

What areas this course focuses on?

This course focuses on improving the most useful vocabulary for health professionals including all these topics:

  • Anatomy
  • Patient's medical history
  • Social background and family's history
  • Types of pain
  • Toxicology
  • Infections and inflammations
  • Body organ systems; Respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine system, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive, skeletal, and muscular
  • Specific medical questions to be addressed to patients

Medical Spanish Classes Online

CLIC International House Medical Spanish Classes aim to develop the students' skills so they are able to deal with patients without the support of an interpreter.

Foreign doctors sometimes need to ask for help from interpreters when dealing with Spanish speaking patients. The Medical Spanish classes have been created to overcome these limitations, focusing on the most common medical routine conversations with patients.

CLIC IH Online Medical Spanish Classes are provided via Zoom. The lessons take place in virtual classrooms with real-time interaction. Increase your confidence and improve your career as a healthcare professional!

Classes by CLIC International House

Spanish language school in Sevilla

CLIC International House is a Spanish language school in Seville accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. This school has more than 35 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. The school has innovative and comfortable facilities, exceptional Spanish teachers, an inspiring atmosphere, and the latest teaching methodology. All this made it possible for CLIC IH to be a member of the prestigious International House and EAQUALS associations. Moreover, CLIC International House is also an Instituto Cervantes' DELE examination center.
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  • Are there live lessons?


    You will have online live lessons in a small group.

  • Can anyone take the Medical Spanish Classes?

    The medical classes are taught to students with any level from A2 to C2.

  • Should I take 1, 2 or 4 weeks classes?

    It depends 100% on your goals. If you really want to improve your health-related vocabulary level we recommend a 4-week course!

  • Can I join at any time?


    Classes start almost every week of the year. If there is a public holiday on Monday the first class will take place on Tuesday. The school closes only 3 weeks along the year during the Christmas period.

  • Can I choose my class schedule?


    Unfortunately, the medical classes only have one schedule available. You can check it out on the schedule section above on this page.

  • What is the Virtual Campus?

    A campus online with unlimited access to all the materials used during the classes, homework, forum, questions, and tips.

  • What are the advantages of online classes?

    The possibility to have face-to-face classes from anywhere in the world while having a real-time interaction with classmates and teachers. Live classes offer constant interaction which increases the chances to keep the motivation up.

  • What do I need to join the online classes?

    You only need a phone or laptop, internet access, and headphones!

  • Will I get a school's certificate?


    At the end of the classes, you will get an official school certificate backed by the Instituto Cervantes and International House.

  • Is it mandatory to join all the classes?


    However, if you really want to take advantage of the classes it is highly recommended. If you miss a class, the teacher will send you the materials.

  • Will the course take place if few students enroll?


    However, if only 1 or 2 students enroll in the classes in one specific week, the classes that week will have half of the lessons.